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Delivery of moving boxes

Choosing the right cardboard box is important to ensure that your delivered products arrive intact. We offer different types of boxes and cartons as needed to protect your goods during moving.

Dismantling of furniture

Do you need to disassemble a piece of furniture? Our movers are happy to help you dismantle furniture.

Furniture packaging

In fact, wrapping is one of the most important steps. This protects your furniture from what can happen during transport. However, furniture that is not properly protected can suffer irreversible damage, hence the need not to neglect its protection.

Television / Electronics

As with small appliances, it is best to place your televisions, stereos or desktops in their original packaging by reusing the foam inserts that came with them.

Otherwise, use a moving cardboard box that is adapted to the size of your appliance, which must first be wrapped in sheets or blankets.


Everything is ready and we must now load the truck. And that’s easier said than done. We are quickly overwhelmed by the number of things to enter and the small space to do so! Based on experience, our teams have acquired some basic rules and methods to follow in order to load the driving trucks in an ideal way.


Transporting furniture is sometimes a headache for people moving or wanting to transport furniture. our movers take care of your furniture in the truck and throughout the trip.


When you arrive, be careful that nothing falls, for the journey will undoubtedly have moved objects that could be ready to fall when the doors are opened.
Small and fragile objects are removed before larger and heavier objects.
The boxes must be taken directly to the compartments where their contents are stored, according to your reference points made in advance, according to the labels or inscriptions mentioned on the boxes.


Unpacking boxes is the logical and important follow-up to the removal process. Like any mandatory activity, you need to be effective in avoiding problems and wasted time. To do this you need to be well organized.

Assembly / distribution of the furniture

Our team will be there if you want to help you distribute your furniture in the rooms that you determine with care.