Insurance conditions

What do we cover?
We cover common errors and mishaps in relation to moving your items. We cover:

  • The value of your item at the time of damage.
  • We assume the possibility of repairing the damaged item by putting it in substantially the same condition as before the time of damage.

Packing of furniture
If the furniture is not packed responsibly, we reserve the right to pack it ourselves. Therefore, please spend plenty of time wrapping it up so that you do not experience any financial surprises

Cancellation fee
If an ordered task is canceled by the customer the day before the actual transport day, Forward Service is entitled to charge the customer a fee of DKK 1,000. If the task is canceled earlier than the day before the agreed transport day, the fee will be DKK 500.

What do we not cover?
Our insurance cannot cover anything. Below are the most important areas that we do not cover in connection with a moving injury.

  • Error with your packaging: Ex. incorrectly packed moving box where the bottom smokes out.
  • Items that are damaged during relocation, where the customer (or other party) himself has helped to carry, are not covered.
    Assembly / disassembly of objects / furniture / cabinets and the like. not covered.
  • We do not cover electronics if it is not packed properly – This refers to original packaging or bubble wrap.

All injuries must be reported no later than 24 hours after the task is completed. Documentation must be sent for this.

forwardservice.dk reserves the right to freely use subcontractors, partners, and external consultants. forwardservice.dk cannot be held responsible for damages caused by subcontractors, partners, and external consultants.

What does a heavy lifting task cost?
If heavy lifting occurs (objects weighing more than 50 kg and white goods) A heavy lifting fee of DKK 400 per object is imposed.

Insurance terms and conditions

Contract terms
Terms not agreed in writing between the parties cannot be enforced.

An agreement reached by email and text message is a binding contract between Forward Service and the customer.

Common faults and accidents.
Common damages that occur during the move will be covered by the insurance if these have been caused by the movers themselves.

Fee, termination and security deposit.

Liability for transport / relocation
Forward Service liability is limited as follows:
When the compensation is paid, the ownership of the lost / damaged passes to the Forward Service. An exception to this is impairment compensation and repair.
Instead of cash compensation, Forward Service reserves the right to provide the customer with other effects – similar to those
lost / damaged – or to have a professionally correct repair of the damaged performed on a workshop designated by Forward Service.
Forward Service’s liability is limited to the replacement value of the damaged item less impairment due to age, use, reduced usability or other circumstances.
Possibly. claims can not be set off against driving expenses.

Any dispute between Customer and Forward Service, including collection of Forward Service’s receivables, will be settled as follows:

  1. In the event of non-payment, the customer will be required to send a reminder letter of DKK 100 for the first reminder letter.
  2. For the second reminder letter, the customer will be imposed DKK 400
  3. In the event of further non-payment, the customer will be sent on to debt collection, and various collection fees will be imposed.